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Keeping Busy with Projects

The Float into the Clouds team has been busy with a number of projects! This includes a new project for providing grants for Government projects. We have also worked on the following: * Building an integration between Salesforce and a Loan Approval System* Building an integration between Salesforce and a Recruitment Management System* Implementing a … Continue reading “Keeping Busy with Projects”

Helping with the Covid-19 Pandemic

The team just completed an exciting project using Salesforce to help with Covid-19 relief efforts.  Recently a client came with the requirement to match businesses with one another who can help each other during this difficult time.  With a tight timeline of a few weeks to go live, the client needed a way to match … Continue reading “Helping with the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Building New Recruitment System

After successfully completing a Community migration project, the Float into the Clouds team was leveraged to build a new applicant management system. This applicant management system plugs in the Recruitment Marketing Platform Talemetry via API. From there, as a new applicant applies online, the Salesforce system then receives the applications and helps recruiters sort them. … Continue reading “Building New Recruitment System”

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