About Float into the Clouds

Float into the Clouds was founded in 2013 to help businesses leverage the cloud, including Salesforce. Since every business is at a different stage in their evolution, Float into the Clouds helps businesses move into, or further leverage, the cloud. The team at Float into the Clouds has been helping pioneer and leverage the cloud since it was first introduced. That means we have more than 15+ years of experience of using the cloud and working around its strengths, and weaknesses.

Our team has used a number of systems/applications in the cloud, including HireDesk, Five9, Clicktools, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and more. Our team has also received a number of certifications in both those systems, but also in aspects of business such as Business Analysis, Change Management and Project Management.

To learn more about our team we encourage you to Contact Us so that we can meet you! We have helped many organizations, like yours, leverage the cloud and develop business efficiency in a few mouse clicks!


IT Project Management

Have an IT project that you need help managing its implementation, or end of life?


CRM System Management

Using SalesForce.com and need help customizing it to your needs?



Have a team that knows what they are doing, but need a little coaching/mentoring to help ensure they do it right.  We can help!

We want to connect and learn more about your needs!