Building New Recruitment System

After successfully completing a Community migration project, the Float into the Clouds team was leveraged to build a new applicant management system.

This applicant management system plugs in the Recruitment Marketing Platform Talemetry via API. From there, as a new applicant applies online, the Salesforce system then receives the applications and helps recruiters sort them. Then, a recruiter can conduct a phone screen, within Salesforce using Flows, with ease. Depending on the outcome of the answers, to the phone screen/interview, the Salesforce Flow then provides scripts on how to end calls or what questions to ask next.

With this new Salesforce based recruitment system, the client is able to access more powerful Salesforce reports, while also having greater control on the processes that recruiters use. Then, once the applicant is fully vetted, they are displayed in the Salesforce Community that was previously built.