Building New Community

The Float into the Clouds team has recently helped a client in the recruitment industry revitalize the experience for their Hiring Managers!

Previously Hiring Managers would use the old Salesforce Portal technology to submit job openings and reviewing candidates. While the old portal technology, within Salesforce, was usable, it was not visually appealing.

So, with Salesforce Communities becoming a very mature product, the Float into the Clouds team recommended the client look at migrating. This project started working with a UI/UX Designer to create the new design for the community. This included the team here providing suggestions on the most common use cases that should be incorporated into the design.

Once the design was built, the Float into the Clouds team then “cut up” the design and integrated into the Salesforce Community. This included building new logic and pages to support the new functionality available within the design!

Now that the project is complete, and the community is ready for use, the client has started to migrate their user from the Portal to the Community without requiring new logons to be used!