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Client success stories

I just wanted to send a message to you all and tell you this has been one of the smoothest launches in the history of our company. At our rapid growth and youth of this company, the pressure to push out deployments has often led to scrambled launches and many lessons learned along the way.

Our collaborations has been the most detailed, clear, expedient, and smooth as I’ve ever experienced and together, we have increased the look and feel of our company tenfold.



Director, Operations

Jeff Summers is a Salesforce Mastermind.  Jeff came highly recommended as an implementer of Salesforce and he did not disappoint.  He worked closely with us to implement Salesforce and accommodate it to our needs. His contributions were invaluable to our success, and his work was done on time and on budget.  This saved us time and money compared to using a large company to implement Salesforce.  Jeff made the extra effort of coming to our office to ensure everything was working properly.  I give Jeff our highest recommendation without reservation – he is the first person I would turn to when implementing or improving a company’s use of Salesforce. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.



Ben G.


” Float into the Clouds played a crucial role in helping us launch We needed a team that understood our business and could help us adopt a new system and process. “

Natasha Gomer

Pharmiweb Solutions

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Float into the Clouds was founded in 2013 to help businesses leverage the cloud, including Since every business is at a different stage in their evolution, Float into the Clouds helps businesses move into, or further leverage, the cloud. The team at Float into the Clouds has been helping pioneer and leverage the cloud since it was first introduced. That means we have more than 15+ years of experience of using the cloud and working around its strengths, and weaknesses.


Latest news

Keeping Busy with Projects

The Float into the Clouds team has been busy with a number of projects! This includes a new project for providing grants for Government projects. We have also worked on the following: * Building an integration between Salesforce and a Loan Approval System* Building an integration between Salesforce and a Recruitment Management System* Implementing a … Continue reading “Keeping Busy with Projects”

Helping with the Covid-19 Pandemic

The team just completed an exciting project using Salesforce to help with Covid-19 relief efforts.  Recently a client came with the requirement to match businesses with one another who can help each other during this difficult time.  With a tight timeline of a few weeks to go live, the client needed a way to match … Continue reading “Helping with the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Building New Recruitment System

After successfully completing a Community migration project, the Float into the Clouds team was leveraged to build a new applicant management system. This applicant management system plugs in the Recruitment Marketing Platform Talemetry via API. From there, as a new applicant applies online, the Salesforce system then receives the applications and helps recruiters sort them. … Continue reading “Building New Recruitment System”

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